Fandi Ahmad letak jawatan


Setelah membuat pertimbangan yang teliti dan persefahaman bersama, Persatuan Bolasepak Negeri Johor dan Saudara Fandi Ahmad telah bersetuju untuk mengikuti haluan masing-masing. Fandi merupakan seorang jurulatih yang cemerlang dan sentiasa berdedikasi bagi membentuk pasukan yang mantap. Keputusan ini telah dipersetujui bersama dan bagi pihak PBNJ pula, persatuan ingin mencari pendekatan taktikal yang berbeza. Pintu sentiasa terbuka bagi Fandi di PBNJ, dan beliau sentiasa dianggap seperti keluarga di sini. PBNJ juga sentiasa bersedia memberi sokongan dalam sebarang usaha yang bakal diceburi beliau pada masa akan datang. Ini merupakan berita yang mendukacitakan buat PBNJ dan juga para penyokong Johor, namun PBNJ mendoakan yang terbaik buat Fandi. Beliau telah banyak menabur bakti dalam pembangunan bolasepak Johor. Jasa dan sumbangan beliau terhadap projek bolasepak Johor akan sentiasa dikenang dan dihargai oleh PBNJ dan para penyokong.



After much careful consideration and mutual understanding, Johor Football Association and Mr. Fandi Ahmad have agreed to part ways. Fandi has always been an outstanding person as
well as an exceptional coach, tirelessly contributing for the
betterment of the team. The decision is mutually agreed upon, and on the part of the association, we are looking towards a different guidance and tactical approach. Doors will always be open for Fandi to be part of the association, and he will always be considered a part of the Johor FA family. The association will also be ever willing to assist Fandi in his future pursuits. Indeed, this comes as sad news for the association as well as to Johor fans, however the association wishes Fandi all the best. It has been a pleasure having him serve in the development of Johor football. His contribution towards the Johor football project will always be remembered and are truly appreciated by the association and fans.



After careful consideration and much thoughts about my future as a football coach, I have decided to resign from the position as manager of Johor Darul Takzim Football Club. It is a painful but an important decision for my future as a football coach. My family has played a very important role, in arriving at this decision. Football is my life and I can't live without it.

The game has given me a life to live for, and I plan to give back something to football by following my heart, which is coaching. Life is all about being happy and coaching keeps me happy and I intend to pursue my happiness. As a player, I have always given my best and as coach, I'll continue to give my best, when the opportunity arrives.

I seek your understanding and support not to speculate or assume anything that will be unfair to JDT or myself. It is a decision that has been agreed amicably.

I wish to thank TMJ who is the heart and soul of Johor football, for his unstinting support for me and the team. He has taken good care of me and supported me during my trying moments. I will always be thankful for this.

I am surely going to miss the opportunity of being part of this wonderful football initiative that has captured the interest and imagination of thousands of Johor fans. Most importantly, I must acknowledge the Johor fans who have been very supportive and united throughout the season . It is my regret that we could not win a trophy to match their support. At this point let me share with all of you that we tried hard and I'm sure with the guidance and excellent support of TMJ, trophies will decorate JDT in no time. TMJ's passion and commitment towards football is second to none.

Johor is a wonderful state and I've met so many good friends, supporters , players and fellow coaches. I wish to thank TMJ for giving me a chance to work with some of the finest players in Malaysia. I wish all of the players and fans in Johor the very best and future success .

Thank you,

Fandi Ahmad

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